214: And Now For a Word

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Mario Di Leo

First broadcast week of
1 May 1995

36 Hours on Babylon 5 is an ISN feature hosted by Cynthia Torquemann, but the station staff and crew find the reporter and camera crew quite invasive.  A Narn ship outside the station fires upon a Centauri ship which G'Kar claims was carrying heavy artillery for use in the war.  An investigation seems to support his claim, and when another Centauri warship arrives Londo warns that if any Centauri ships are searched for weapons it will be considered an act of war.  Earthdome rejects the threat, and Sheridan warns that any hostile action would be considered an attack on Babylon 5 itself.  A Narn ship arrives and destroys the Centauri ship, but explodes itself during the escape.  As Sheridan and the other races' representatives come to terms with the increasing bloodshed, they confide to the ISN team that they believe that the Babylon Project is truly a worthwhile venture, even though others back on Earth may not agree.

Notes: The Office of Public Morale is mentioned in this episode - part of President Clark's initiatives that ultimately leads to events seen in In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum.  Psi Corps transmit positive propaganda and subliminal messages during the ISN broadcast.  There is a reference to the "former" Senator Hidoshi, Babylon 5's liaison officer prior to Santiago's death.  Lieutenant Corwin, introduced in Signs and Portents, is finally given a name in this episode.  Delenn breaks down into tears when Cynthia asks about the Earth-Minbari war (see And the Sky Full of Stars where Franklin asks her about it; her full involvement is revealed in Atonement and In the Beginning).  G'Kar's mention of his father, tied to a tree for disobeying his Centauri superiors, is recalled in Dust to Dust.

Guest Cast: Kim Zimmer (Cynthia Torquemann).