G'Kar, as a member of the Kha'Ri, the Narn ruling council, was appointed Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5 to improve his peoples' standing after their oppression by the Centauri.   He supplied weapons to the humans during the Earth-Minbari War (In the Beginning) and maintained a continuing crusade against the Centauri following the death of his father (And Now For a Word, Dust to Dust).  He is also concerned for the lack of telepaths among the Narn, feeling that it is a disadvantage for his people compared with the other races (The Gathering, Legacies, Ship of Tears).

(According to the novels Blood Oath and Betrayals, he has a wife named Ka'Dal.  In the novel Clark's Law, there is a mention of his wife J'Ntiel.  As these books aren't considered "canon" it hardly matters.)

Following attacks on Narn outposts, G'Kar became convinced that an ancient and powerful race encountered by his people a thousand years previously was returning, but the others seemed not to heed his warning (Revelations).  He had intended to assassinate Centauri Emperor Turhan in protest for his people's plight but was surprised to learn the Emperor wished to make peace (The Coming of Shadows).   When Narn finally fell to the Centauri, his position from the Kha'Ri and as Ambassador to Babylon 5 was taken from him and he asked Sheridan for sanctuary (The Long, Twilight Struggle).   Na'Far is sent to replace him but the Narn aboard the station refuse to let him leave (A Day in the Strife).

Trying the telepathy-inducing drug Dust, he mentally raped Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari and discovered his association with the Shadows, saw his own fate to die in Londo's hands, before finally receiving something of an epiphany from Kosh that made him reconsider his philosophies (Dust to Dust), and he begins to compile a book detailing his experiences (Messages From Earth).

Providing a new Narn security team for Babylon 5 following the disposal of Nightwatch (Point of No Return), he was invited to join the War Council against the Shadows (Ship of Tears).  Leaving the sanctuary of Babylon 5 in search of the missing Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, he was captured by Centauri troops and taken before Emperor Cartagia where Londo enlisted his help to dispose of the Emperor in return for the freedom of his people (Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?).

G'Kar was beaten, whipped and his left eye removed (The Summoning, Falling Toward Apotheosis) before this was achieved - and he is determined not to let the cycle of hate and pain continue amongst his people (The Long Night).  Dr Franklin provided him with a removable prosthetic eye (Atonement) which proved very useful on Sheridan and Delenn's wedding night (Rising Star).  A new prosthesis to match his natural eye colour was finally supplied to him a year later (Meditations on the Abyss).

When Londo seems destined to become Centauri Emperor, G'Kar is assigned to be his personal bodyguard in a motion of unity and goodwill for the new Alliance (Strange Relations), to the chagrin of many Centauri (In the Kingdom of the Blind, Movements of Fire and Shadow).  Whilst performing these duties, other Narn discover and publish his book and he becomes a new religious icon (The Ragged Edge).   However, G'Kar does not want the attention and decides to leave Babylon 5 to wander the universe (Wheel of Fire), taking Lyta Alexander with him (Objects in Motion).  After his return, he assisted with a diplomatic mission on Minbar against a potential new threat to the galaxy (The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight).

Following his involvement investigating matters on Centauri Prime, he eventually dies as a result of mutual strangulation with Londo Mollari in January 2278 (Midnight on the Firing Line, The Coming of Shadows, War Without End, Part II, the novel Out of the Darkness).

Played by Andreas Katsulas, who appeared semi-regularly as the Romulan Tomalak in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and also in the film version of The Fugitive as "the one-armed man".  He appeared in the second season Enterprise episode The Cogenitor. Sadly, Andreas passed away on 13 February 2006.

W. Morgan Shepperd was also seriously considered for the role - he appeared as a Soul Hunter in Soul Hunter and also as G'Kar's uncle G'Sten in The Long, Twilight Struggle.