Londo Mollari served as an ambassador to Earth during the Earth-Minbari War (In the Beginning), before his assignment to Babylon 5 - a position considered among his people to be something of a joke (Dust to Dust).  He had three wives, although he was allowed to divorce two of them (Soul Mates) - but the woman he truly loves is Adira Tyree (Born to the Purple, Interludes and Examinations).  He has a recurring dream of becoming Emperor - a prediction confirmed by the prophetess Lady Morella (Point of No Return) - and of dying in G'Kar's hands (Midnight on the Firing Line, The Coming of Shadows).

He is a true patriot to the Centauri people, believing that they have the capacity to become a great empire once again.  Because of this, Londo allies himself to Morden and his "associates", the Shadows (Signs and Portents) who help him achieve his goal (Chrysalis, The Coming of Shadows, The Long, Twilight Struggle).   He suddenly becomes highly respected amongst his people, drawn into political conspiracies by his friend Lord Refa (The Geometry of Shadows, The Coming of Shadows, Knives).

He eventually strives to rid himself of both Morden (Matters of Honor) and Refa (Ceremonies of Light and Dark, And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place) due to the carnage he has caused.  When Emperor Cartagia invites the Shadows to Centauri Prime (The Hour of the Wolf), Londo conspires to kill him to save his world and free the conquered Narn (The Long Night).

He assumes the role of Centauri Prime Minister (Epiphanies) - and is virtually proclaimed as the next Emperor after the Regent "falls ill" (Rising Star).  After he suffers a nearly fatal heart attack, he has an epiphany and apologizes to G'Kar (The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari).

As he seems destined to become Emperor, he very quickly becomes the target of terrorist attacks which prompt G'Kar to become his personal bodyguard (Strange Relations).  After visiting Centauri Prime with his new bodyguard, Londo learns that the Regent is indeed behaving oddly - manipulated from behind the scenes by the Drakh - triggering a war with the Alliance (In the Kingdom of the Blind, Movements of Fire and Shadow).

When the Drazi and the Narn take to ending the conflicts, Centauri Prime is decimated in the attacks - and Londo is proclaimed Emperor in the aftermath, after the death of the Regent (The Fall of Centauri Prime).  However, Londo is implanted with a Keeper, leftover Shadow technology, which monitors and controls his actions for the rest of his life (the novel The Long Night of Centauri Prime, Objects at Rest).

He remains Emperor until 2278 (In the Beginning), and does indeed die in G'Kar's hands as a result of mutual strangulation in an effort to save Sheridan, Delenn, their son, David, and the whole of Centauri Prime (War Without End, Part II, and the novel Out of the Darkness).

Played by Peter Jurasik, who appeared in numerous films including the sci-fi classic Tron with Bruce Boxleitner.

Londo Mollari