401: The Hour of the Wolf

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
4 November 1996

Seven days have passed since Sheridan and Garibaldi disappeared, and Ivanova has been walking around in a daze.  Delenn also refuses to emerge from her quarters, fasting in mourning of the Captain.  G'Kar decides to look for Garibaldi himself in the absence of anyone else willing to do the job.  The races in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds have withdrawn their forces from Babylon 5 to protect their homeworlds now that the war is apparently over.  Lyta offers to help look for Sheridan on Z'ha'dum when Kosh refuses, but when she, Delenn and Ivanova travel there aboard the White Star their presence is detected by the Shadows and they make an escape.

Meanwhile, Londo travels to Centauri Prime where Emperor Cartagia appoints him as an adviser to planetary security - and tells him he has invited the Shadows to their planet after the destruction of their base on Z'ha'dum.  As a radiation-scarred Morden tells him, they are to set up base on the island of Selene to regroup their forces out of harm's way.  Londo stands on the palace steps as he watches the Shadow ships arrive, soaring overhead...  Londo is convinced the Emperor is insane and recruits the help of one of the Ministers, and calls in Vir, to help plan against him and rid their world of the Shadows.  Ivanova resigns herself to the fact that Sheridan is dead - as Sheridan himself, deep underground on Z'ha'dum, meets up with a mysterious alien...

Notes: Londo's dream of the Shadow ships arriving on Centauri Prime (The Coming of Shadows, Matters of Honor) comes true in this episode - not for invasion, but by invitation.  Morden has survived the nuclear blast on Z'ha'dum (Z'ha'dum) and is being "repaired" by the Shadows.  Lyta's connection to the Vorlons - as a carrier - is confirmed here (see Passing Through Gethsemane) and that the new Kosh has darker intentions than the last.  The Shadows' appearance to the White Star crew is similar to Ivanova's encounter with them in Voices of Authority.

Guest Cast: Wayne Alexander makes his first appearance as Lorien (seen only briefly and not named here).  Damian London returns as the Centauri Minister.  Wortham Krimmer makes his first appearance as Emperor Cartagia.