522: Objects at Rest

Directed by
John Copeland

First broadcast week of
18 November 1998

Babylon 5's new crew say goodbye to SheridanTa'Lon arrives, summoned by G'Kar, and learns from a message left for him that G'Kar wishes him to be the new Ambassador for Narn.  Dr Lillian Hobbes is also chosen by Franklin to replace him as Chief Medical Officer.  Settling into his new position on Mars, Garibaldi meets with a group of employees who were held back because of their individualism - and promotes them to the new Board of Directors.  Despite Sheridan's wishes, a crowd has gathered to witness his and Delenn's departure from the station - and Delenn delivers a speech claiming that they will pass this way once again, in one lifetime or another.

Lennier has taken a break from training to join them on their journey to Minbar.  A leak in the weapons coolant system threatens Sheridan's life when he and a Ranger are sealed in a room filling with the gas.  Lennier, blinded by his love for Delenn and jealousy of Sheridan, hesitates and runs away rather than allowing Sheridan to escape.  Tormented by his actions, he returns to find Sheridan escaped using a fighting pike to break the glass, and before Sheridan or Delenn can confront him, he flees in a fighter.  Sheridan agrees with Delenn to remain silent on the issue to give Lennier a chance to redeem himself should he ever return.

Londo has a quiet moment with his KeeperOn Minbar, Sheridan is surprised to find Londo waiting for them - bearing a gift, a silver urn for Delenn's unborn child, to be given on their 16th birthday.  Delenn sees the faint image of the Shadow implant on Londo's neck.  After Londo leaves, his Keeper congratulates him on a job well done: inside the urn, another Keeper is sleeping...  Delenn receives a message from Lennier promising that one day he will bring himself to return when he is able to forgive himself for his actions.  Sheridan records a message to be delivered on his child's 21st birthday, realizing that if Lorien's prediction is true, Sheridan won't survive to see it.

Notes: Dr Lillian Hobbes was first seen in Interludes and Examinations and Walkabout.   Franklin leaves to take up his appointment as new Head of Xenobiological Research on Earth (see The Ragged Edge).  Lorien predicted Sheridan only had another 20 years of life left in Falling Toward Apotheosis.  Sheridan's father's advice to him - "Never start a fight, but always finish it" - was first recalled in Severed Dreams.  Lennier was told by Morden's spirit that he would betray the Rangers in Day of the Dead.  Zack tells Sheridan that "he'll still be here when the lights are turned off" - see Sleeping in Light.  Londo asks for alcohol, which is shown by War Without End, Part II to be able to put his Keeper to sleep.  A reference to "an incident" involving David in The Deconstruction of Falling Stars may relate to the Keeper, although given how events transpire in the novel Out of the Darkness, this may not be the case.

This was the last episode of Babylon 5 produced - the series finale itself was recorded the year before.

Guest Cast: Marshall Teague returns as Ta'Lon; Marjorie Monaghan reappears as Number One; Jennifer Balgobin reprises her role of Dr Lilian Hobbes, and Simon Billig returns as a Ranger (see The Fall of Centauri Prime).