521: Objects in Motion

Story by Harlan Ellison
and J. Michael Straczynski

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Jesus Treviņo

First broadcast week of
11 November 1998

Number One, former leader of the Mars Resistance and member of the Mars provisional government, arrives on Babylon 5 to warn Garibaldi and Lise that their lives are in danger - someone has been hired to kill them.  Tru'Nil, a Narn who spent all his money to travel to Babylon 5 to meet G'Kar, is upset when G'Kar refuses to speak to him - especially when G'Kar discovers that it is he who was responsible for the figurines made in his image.  Zack plans a farewell party for both G'Kar and Garibaldi in order to draw Garibaldi's would-be assassin out of hiding.  Casey, the assassin, reacts when a high-pitched squeal is transmitted through the security comm-link he had stolen, and he is captured.  In the confusion, Tru'Nil draws a weapon to shoot G'Kar - and hits Lise instead.  Garibaldi drags Casey into Lyta's cell and she discovers who hired Casey on his mission - the entire board of directors of Edgars Industries, who are determined not to let Lise or Garibaldi discover some of the "black projects" the company was employed to carry out under President Clark's administration.  Garibaldi is relieved when Lise recovers, and proposes to her that they get married right now.  She agrees.  Lyta agrees to travel the Universe with G'Kar, and they both depart on their adventure.

Garibaldi contacts the Board and announces that the new Head of Security for the Intergalactic Alliance is Number One - and that he has set up a trust account for his own team of assassins to take out the Board if he or Lise should die of anything other than unnatural causes in the future.  Garibaldi flushes the remainder of his alcohol down the sink, deciding that he doesn't need it anymore.   Franklin and Number One, or Teresa Halloran as her real name is revealed to be, agree that pursuing a relationship is impossible with both their new respective duties - however Franklin does have an hour and ten minutes exactly remaining before his next shift...  Sheridan and Delenn bid farewell to Garibaldi and Lise as they leave for Mars to head Edgars Industries together.  Delenn, considering that they too are the next to leave, decides that, for the first time, she'd like to walk the entire five-mile length of Babylon 5...

Notes: Number One was first introduced in Racing Mars and her fling with Franklin consummated in Lines of Communication.  Edgars' involvement with shady government projects was first raised in Exercise of Vital Powers.  Lyta promises to return in two years to make sure Garibaldi honours his deal to covertly undermine Psi Corps - this coincides with the date given for the Telepath War (A Call to Arms), which has already been pre-empted by Lyta (The Face of the Enemy) and Sheridan (Rising Star).  Lyta's fate is revealed in the novel Final Reckoning, and G'Kar's next chronological appearance is in the spin-off telemovie, The Legend of the Rangers.

This episode had a title change to The Alien Within and back again during production.

Guest Cast: Denise Gentile returns as Lise Hampton-Egdars(-Garibaldi).  Marjorie Monaghan returns as Number One (Teresa Halloran).  James Hornbeck appears as Casey.