#6: Betrayals

Written by Stephen Michael Stirling Dell Publishing, 1996

This book is set during the Narn-Centauri War (between The Coming of Shadows and The Long, Twilight Struggle).

Book 6: BetrayalsBabylon 5 is hosting a peace conference for the Narn and the Centauri.  But another alien race, the T'llin, are preparing for the visit of the Primes, a brother and sister who were the rulers of their world.  The T'llin homeworld had been conquered by the Narn using techniques they had learned from the Centauri.

Garibaldi is training new recruits in security for everything from hostage situations to customs checks.  Ivanova is having problems with Larkin, a new officer in C&C who doesn't seem to be able to handle the work.  Larkin develops his own personal vendetta against Ivanova, whom he feels is being unnecessarily harsh toward him.

A woman named Semana MacBride arrives with a statue to donate to the station.  G'Kar is upset when he notes that there are T'llin figures on the statue and demands their removal - the Narn do not want to let their treatment of the T'llin commonly known.  When the statue next appears without the figures, Lennier alerts Garibaldi they might have just "walked away".

The T'llin begin to contact the other ambassadors asking for help, determined to gain recognition for their plight.  G'Kar confides his suspicions to Garibaldi that the T'llin may be seeking to disrupt the negotiations to expose the Narn and they attempt to round the T'llin up, but they are extremely difficult to find.

After receiving data crystals implicating her brother as a spy during the Earth-Minbari War, and her father conspiring with Psi Corps to kill her mother.  With Garibaldi's help they determine it is Larkin, an expert in video manipulation.  Ivanova orders him to have a psych evaluation but Larkin runs for the escape pods, accidentally ejecting himself out of an airlock.

Chancy Clark, reporter and niece of President Clark, arrives to cover the conference.  When the delegates arrive, the T'llin emerge from hibernation and take both parties hostage in the docking bays, sealed by the breach doors.  They encourage the two parties to begin the negotiations, cutting through all the posturing by both delegations.  They make a point that, were the situations reversed, the Narn and the Centauri would have had no compunction against killing them.  Garibaldi spearheads a team to enter the docking bays from outside the station, where the T'llin surrender.  Sheridan, granting them asylym, encourages the Narn to withdraw from the T'llin homeworld.

Notes: Reference is made to the Centauri Eye, seen in Signs and Portents.  G'Kar's wife Da'Kal, introduced in the novel Blood Oath, appears as one of the Narn delegates (see also Clark's Law).