#5: The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name

Written by Neal Barrett Jr. Dell Publishing, 1996

This story is set between the episodes The Fall of Night and A Day in the Strife.

Book 5: The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name The population of the station begin to suffer nightmares of death and destruction, and riots begin to break out.  An unidentified spatial phenomenon - a green "worm" of light nine million miles long - is approaching Babylon 5, but it can only be seen through direct observation, it does not show up on any computer scans.

Sheridan orders a science team to launch an investigation.  Earthdome has also heard of the event and seem frightened by it, unwilling to send any military assistance.  A Psi Corps agent, Martina Coles, staying on Babylon 5 feels compelled toward Ambassador Kosh but meeting him provides her with nothing useful.  Garibaldi gets himself accepted into an interspatial motorcycle gang, Fermi's Angels.

A shady evangelist, Reverend Bobby James Galaxy of the Universal Church of Solar Illumination stirs things further by claiming that the Worm's mission is to destroy all heretics - namely, everyone but the humans.  Ivanova tries to prevent a mob from fleeing the station on a freighter, the hull of which is ruptured and a number of lives are lost.  Kosh calls to Coles again and shares with her his knowledge of the worm: nothing, but a sense of fear and dread which deeply affects her.

Galaxy, together with the Angels, formulate a plan to destroy the station when the Worm arrives.  Fighting continues to escalate - including a tussle between Lennier and Garibaldi, and Delenn and Sheridan.  The Worm arrives... and nothing happens but a power blackout.   Life returns to normal.

Notes: Garibaldi's motorcycle craze is recalled (Eyes).