303: A Day in the Strife

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
20 November 1995

Sheridan is facing a diplomatic crisis on two fronts when negotiations with the Dockers' Guild break down, and the Narn send Na'Far as a replacement for G'Kar.  The Centauri have sanctioned Na'Far as an official delegate because they are assured of his loyalty as opposed to G'Kar's continued involvement in the underground resistance movement.  The Narn aboard the station refuse to accept Na'Far and do not allow G'Kar to leave.  Vir argues this with Londo, who calls a favour from Delenn to have Vir reassigned as cultural attaché to Minbar, to protect him from trouble yet to come.  An alien probe in orbit of the station promises new technology in return for answers to a string of complex scientific questions.  Sheridan realizes that the probe is designed to destroy any races intelligent enough to be a threat to its creators; he doesn't broadcast the answers, and the probe leaves.  To protect others from encountering it again, he sends the answers when the probe is safely out of range and it explodes.  Ta'Lon, Na'Far's bodyguard, convinces Na'Far that G'Kar is best suited to remaining aboard Babylon 5 for the good of the Narn.

Notes: Vir's post on Minbar plays a significant role in Sic Transit Vir; the favour Londo asks of Delenn to station him there is in return for his actions in A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II.  Franklin's use of stims makes another appearance (see In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum and Confessions and Lamentations).  Although he was introduced in All Alone in the Night, Ta'Lon name is first given here.

Guest Cast: Marshall Teage reprises his role as the Narn Ta'Lon.