The females of the Alexander family have been telepaths for generations, many of them high-ranking within Psi Corps (the novel Dark Genesis).  Lyta tried a brief internship with the Psi Cops, including a stint on Beta Colony where she helped Alfred Bester track down a serial killer of telepaths during which she became disenchanted with the Psi Cops' methods and became a commercial telepath (the novel Deadly Relations).  As such, she was assigned to Babylon 5 briefly in 2257, where she was soon called upon to scan the new Vorlon Ambassador Kosh  (The Gathering).  Shortly afterwards, she was recalled to Earth and interrogated before escaping and joining the Mars rebellion (Divided Loyalties).  Developing a deep obsession with the Vorlons (partly due to her heritage - see Dark Genesis), she ventured into their space and was taken in by them - physically modified to breathe their atmosphere and her telepathic abilities heightened.

She returned to Babylon 5 (Passing Through Gethsemane onwards) where she was employed by Kosh and the new Vorlon to "carry" them (Walkabout). Following the departure of the Vorlons, and after a brief flirt with Security Chief Zack Allen (Epiphanies, Moments of Transition, Thirdspace), she was forced to rejoin Psi Corps in name only to earn a living (Moments of Transition) before assisting Franklin revive the Shadow-influenced telepaths (The Exercise of Vital Powers) and accompanying him to Mars to assist him implement Sheridan's plan to use them against Earthforce (The Face of the Enemy, Endgame).

She worked to protect the rogue telepaths living on Babylon 5 from PsiCorps (Strange Relations), and fell in love with Byron (Secrets of the Soul).  After his death, she became determined to carry on his legacy (Phoenix Rising, Darkness Ascending).   However, she became so impassioned to the cause that she no longer found it necessary to hide her powers as a specially-created Vorlon Superweapon - she strikes a deal with Garibaldi to bring down Psi Corps and guarantee independence for the rogue telepaths (Wheel of Fire), giving him two years to make the preparations for her while she accompanies G'Kar on his exploration of the Universe (Objects in Motion).

Her telepath Resistance movement grew to spark the Telepath War in the mid-2260's, successfully overthrowing Psi Corps and Bester's rule; however, Lyta herself was killed in the process (the novel Final Reckoning).

Played by Patricia Tallman, who appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Starship Mine as a terrorist.

Lyta Alexander