111: Survivors

Written by
Mark Scott Zicree

Directed by
Jim Johnston

First broadcast week of
2 May 1994

With a visit from recently re-elected President Santiago of the Earth Alliance looming, preparations are in full swing, including maintenance on a docking area to accommodate a new fighter squadron being brought to the station by the President.  An explosion occurs in Cobra Bay 11 and the President's head of security, Major Lianna Kemmer, arrives to investigate.  17 years previously her father was killed in an incident engineered by criminals to frame Garibaldi, and she still holds him responsible.  When a dying worker claims Garibaldi was responsible for the explosion, Kemmer takes this as an opportunity to bring him down, and suspends him from duty.  A search of his quarters reveals a large quantity of Centauri currency, and schematics for the Cobra Bays.  Garibaldi goes on the run, seeking help from Londo, G'Kar, and N'Grath, one of the station's major shady dealers, and he also falls victim to his former alcoholism.  Garibaldi tracks down the real perpetrators of the crime, including Kemmer's own second-in-command, and prevents a second explosion in the Fury launch bays during the President's visit.

Notes: President Santiago was elected in Midnight on the Firing Line, and returns in Chrysalis.  The Starfury squadron presented by Santiago is Zeta Wing, of whom Warren Keffer is a member (Season Two).  N'Grath is first seen in The Parliament of Dreams.  Garibaldi's alcohol problem is seen again (Phoenix Rising).

This episode was originally entitled A Knife in the Shadows.

Guest Cast: Elaine Thomas (Major Lianna Kemmer); Robin Wake (Young Lianna Kemmer); Tom Donaldson (Cutter).