204: A Distant Star

Written by
D.C. Fontana

Directed by
Jim Johnston

First broadcast week of
21 November 1994

While Franklin is determined to healthier diets amongst the senior officers, Captain Maynard, an old friend of Sheridan's, brings his explorer ship, the Cortez, to B5 for resupply.  Its crew, having spent a lot of time in hyperspace, add to the rumours of the unknown lifeforms hiding in the uninhabitable realms.

A Shadow vessel in hyperspaceSheridan even begins to question whether he's happy being confined to life aboard a space station, but Delenn assures him that, even though they don't always realize it, people are always in the right place at the right time for the universe's purposes.  The Cortez departs en route for the rim, but loses her lock on the jump point and becomes trapped in hyperspace.  Zeta Squadron heads out on a rescue mission to guide the ship back, but pilot Warren Keffer becomes lost himself after the sudden appearance of a mysterious unknown vessel which kills Squadron leader Ray Galus.  When he has another encounter with a similar ship, he calculates its trajectory to find his way home.

Notes: Keffer mentions a story in Universe Today about things living in hyperspace - most likely the one seen in And the Sky Full of Stars.  Zeta Wing (or Zeta Squadron) was the Starfury squad presented to Babylon 5 by President Santiago in Survivors.

Guest Cast: Russ Tamblyn (Captain Jack Maynard); Art Kimbo (Ray Galus).