106: The Well of Forever

Written by
Fiona Avery
Directed by
Janet Greek
First broadcast
23 June 1999

"Mr Jones" arrives aboard the Excalibur to evaluate Matheson's performance regarding the new rules for telepaths.  Meanwhile, Galen suggests a brief sojourn into hyperspace to locate the fabled "Well of Forever", a focal point of immense power and also a place where all questions are answered; however, nobody who has gone in search of the Well before has ever returned.  To be able to safely navigate through the hyperspatial currents, Galen links his own ship with the Excalibur - giving Matheson and Gideon a chance to be able to attempt to discover more about the Mage's ship.  On the journey, the Excalibur encounters a group of gigantic hyperspace-dwelling organisms, which attempt to mate with the ship.  When Gideon attempts to call off the expedition, Galen locks off the controls in order to keep going, to Gideon's chagrin.  Eventually, they find the Well, an enormous formation in a hyperspace eddy serving as a mausoleum for many races and travellers.  Gideon follows Galen down, where he finds that he is fulfilling a promise to lay to rest the love of his life, Isabelle.  Galen promises Gideon that he will help him keep his own such promises one day in return for his actions hijacking the ship.  Mr Jones approaches Gideon with concerns of Matheson disobeying telepath rules, but Gideon sets up a ruse where Mr Jones accidentally picks up thoughts of violence from Dureena as a demonstration of how easily random thoughts can be read by telepaths.  Eilerson finds that his records have been tampered with, preventing him from forwarding information about the Well of Forever to IPX.

Notes: Isabelle is seen in The Path of Sorrows, and her fascination with the Well of Forever recounted in the novel Casting Shadows.

Guest Cast: Michael Beck (Mr Jones).