107: The Long Road

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by
Mike Vejar
First broadcast
16 June 1999

A mining company on Regula IV is being plagued by sabotage, and appearances of an enormous gold dragon.  Captain Daniels of the Medusa calls in Gideon to help investigate: a mineral on the planet may contain a solution to the Drakh virus - humans who settled to farm the planet almost a century before have an average lifespan fifteen years longer than normal.  Following the Drakh attack, the mining activities were increased, which is when the problems began.  Galen is determined to join Gideon on his investigation - and shortly after a decidedly unfriendly welcome by the locals, who are suspicious of outsiders, they are greeted by Alwyn, another Techno-mage who broke away from his own kind 12 years before.  He has been working to drive away the mining operation to protect the locals.  The colonists take matters into their own hands by taking some of the mining personnel hostage, and also Lieutenant Meyers and a squad of officers from the Medusa when they mount a rescue party for them.  When the innkeeper's daughter Claire falls ill, she is found to be over-exposed to the anti-viral mineral following the increased mining activities close to the village.  Alwyn fails to persuade the colonists to release the hostages, so he decides to take matters into his own hands; using the mine pit as a focal point, he builds his powers to attempt to destroy the Medusa.  Gideon is forced to use the main gun aboard the Excalibur to stop Alwyn, destroying the mining site.  Alwyn manages to survive and meets with Galen one last time, saying that the time has come for him to move on.  The colonists can now work with Earthforce to establish a new mining site in a safer place, and Claire is cured.  Gideon tells Galen that, once their quest is over, he could take Alwyn's place in the colony, but Galen declines.

Notes: Elric the Techno-mage (Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows) raised Galen after the death of his parents.  Alwyn appears in the Passing of the Techno-mages novels.  Galen tells Alwyn that Elric "passed beyond" soon after the mages went into hiding (see Invoking Darkness).

Guest Cast: Edward Woodward (Alwyn) appeared in the TV series Callan and The Equalizer and is the father of Peter Woodward (Galen).  Marshall Teague (Captain Daniels) played Ta'Lon in Babylon 5 and also Nelson Drake in the episode Infection.  Scott Peatty (Lieutenant Meyers), Alison Lohman (Claire), Mik Scriba (Barkeep).