110: Patterns of the Soul

Written by
Fiona Avery
Directed by
Tony Dow
First broadcast
7 July 1999

Gideon is diverted to Theta 49 to bring human colonists back to Earth.  It is suspected that they left Earth just before the Drakh virus was released, and could infect others across the galaxy.  Eilerson is requested by IPX to prove his worth on the Excalibur mission and gather new leads for potential scientific discoveries.  Meanwhile on Theta 49, colony leader Robert Black is warned by an old man that he has brought doom for his people, also living on the planet.  Gideon subjects himself as the guinea pig with an experimental new nano-virus shielding that gives 48 hours protection from exposure to the plague.  He pleads with the colonists to co-operate with Earthforce's requests but one of them, Tim, is adamant that they remain.  Black subjects himself to Dr Chambers' tests and she discovers that the colonists are indeed infected.  Dureena meets the old man just before he dies, and discovers that he is one of her own race.

Dureena talks with her peopleShe finds a small group of her people living on the planet, having crashed there after leaving their own world before the Shadows destroyed it.  Gideon tries to plead with General Thompson to leave the colonists on the planet under quarantine, but Thompson's determination to have them shipped home and their records erased sparks Gideon's curiosity.  He discovers from the colony ship's records that the colonists are the result of cybernetic and bio-weapons engineering that Earthforce wants kept a secret.

Chambers discovers a food pack in the colony waste disposal that has been deliberately infected with the plague - Earthforce has sabotaged the colony to find an excuse to reign them in.  Chambers stumbles across Dureena's people, and Dureena pleads with her to keep their existence a secret.  Tim kidnaps Chambers in an attempt to persuade Gideon to allow the colonists to remain - and Gideon fakes an explosion to show General Thompson that the colonists have all perished.  He leaves a satellite in orbit to ensure the colonists remain in isolation on the planet - and, after learning about the existence of the other tribe from Chambers, tells Dureena that she should have trusted him with the information.  Chambers determines that Dureena's people, with their different biology, have been infected and have only one year before they are wiped out by the Drakh plague.  Eilerson decides against informing IPX of events on the planet to keep Dureena's people hidden.

Notes: A flashback shows that the escape ship from Zander Prime was attacked by Shadow vessels, causing the people to crash on Theta 49.  Gideon knows the security clearance codes of a high-ranking Earthforce official - another prize gained from his card playing.

Guest Cast: Brian Thompson (Robert Black) appeared as the shape-shifting alien Bounty Hunter in The X Files.  Peter DeAnda (General Thompson), Sharrise Baker (IPX Official), Eric Ware (Tim).