111: Ruling From the Tomb

Written by
Peter David
Directed by
John Copeland
First broadcast
14 July 1999

Gideon is reluctantly assigned to assist Captain Elizabeth Lochley with the running of a conference on Mars to pool the resources of many scientific minds to combat the Drakh plague.  The death of a conference delegate leads to an investigation that shows that someone may be trying to sabotage the event.  Trace Miller identifies the dead man as a member of the Foundationist religious order to which he also used to belong.  Another delegate, Dr Lebecque, is hearing a voice (of a woman named "Jean") in his head instructing him in his actions to prevent the conference.  It is his belief that the plague is an act of God to cleanse humanity and should not be stopped.  When Miller is seen he is attacked also - both he and the dead man, as former members of the cult, are able to identify Lebecque.  Gideon creates a ruse in the conference, persuading the delegates that a miscalculation means that humanity only has months to live at most, which causes Lebecque to reconsider his actions - he cannot kill innocent people if they are no longer able to cure the plague.  He disarms the bomb he has set and is killed in a firefight with security personnel.  It is found that the voice he was hearing was none other than that of Jean d'Arc - Joan of Arc.  Gideon, in the beginnings of a blossoming friendship with Captain Lochley, promises to visit her on Babylon 5 from time to time.

Notes: Lochley says the conference has been organized by Dr Stephen Franklin.  She mentions her marriage to Sheridan (Strange Relations).

Guest Cast: Alex Mendoza (Trace Milller), Juanita Jennings (Lieutenant Carr), John Novak (Dr Alain Lebecque).