112: The Rules of the Game

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by
Jesus Trevino
First broadcast
21 July 1999

Max faces up to some DraziThe Excalibur visits Babylon 5 in order to secure access to Lorka 7, under the jurisdiction of the Brakiri, who refuse to give permission.  The planet is a re-settled one, and Gideon feels that the original population may have had higher technology.  Max meets up with his ex-wife, Cynthia Allen, who asks for his help to settle a 100,000 credit debt with the gangster Rolf Mueller, because of loss of income with the quarantine.  She claims that Mueller is following her - he is even on Babylon 5 - so Eilerson decides to take matters into his own hands and only pay him the original c50,000 without the exorbitant interest.

The Lorkan representatives on B5 decide that Gideon represents a threat and that he must be eliminated - their planet is one that must remain pure and without corruption, a decree handed down by their "Most Holy", so no outsiders are allowed to intervene.  Cynthia receives a message from her housekeeper on Earth, telling her that her cat, Mr Kitty, has been kidnapped with a ransom for the remaining c50,000 debt.  Gideon bets Lochley that she is so disassociated with the lower echelons of Babylon 5 society that they could take a walk through Down Below and she wouldn't be recognized (he loses).  The Lorkans take the opportunity to mount an ambush, but Gideon and Lochley outfight them.  Mueller is captured by Eilerson, who fits him with an alien neckbrace that would kill him if he tried to remove it or came within ten feet of a control unit - which both he and Cynthia would hold and can set off manually if need be.  Mr Kitty is returned, bathed and groomed.   Lochley offers Gideon a real water shower after their ordeal - and they decide to save water by having it together...  They discover that the Lorkans on B5 have been illegally selling the technology remaining on their world and didn't want to be discovered; Gideon is allowed to land on Lorka 7 as a demonstration to the Lorkans of corrupt outsiders.

Notes: This episode is dedicated to the memory of the real Mr Kitty, JMS's cat.

Guest Cast: Tim Choate (Polix; he has previously appeared as Zathras), Jamie Rose (Cynthia Allen), Joel Swetow (Ris), Sal Landi (Rolf Mueller), Timothy Landfield (Lorkan #3).