Laser - Mirror - Starweb

Set between The Geometry of Shadows and A Distant Star.

Issue 9: Duet for Human and Narn in C Sharp

Written by David Gerrold
Pencilled by Rebecca Guay; Inked by Rick Bryant
DC Comics, October 1995
The Narn ship D'Vordo is cleared for docking as G'Kar insists on immediate clearance to depart - despite Ivanova's refusal, he readies his ship for launch anyway.  Garibaldi rushes to Bay Four to stop G'Kar, but is stunned by him.  When he awakes, he fires a starweb (an energy net) at G'Kar and restrains him.  G'Kar's shuttle narrowly misses the D'Vordo as it leaves the station.

Garibaldi and G'Kar are floating in a cylindrical area, Garibaldi singing G'Kar inane songs until he reveals what is going on.  Sheridan, on his way to a shuttle to chase G'Kar, is met by Greegil D'Farkin, who claims to be a relative of G'Kar's, and goes with Sheridan on his pursuit.

Garibaldi challenges G'Kar to a game of Laser-Mirror-Starweb (similar to rock-paper-scissors), loser tells all.  Losing two rounds, G'Kar still refuses to tell Garibaldi where he is.  Greegil tells Sheridan that G'Kar is suffering lokvar, a seizure of the mind, and that he may be violent.  They dock with G'Kar's ship, but it is empty.

A cleaning robot enters the cylinder.  G'Kar reveals that his ship was on autopilot, and that they are actually in Babylon 5's central core.  The cleaning robot has come early because of the increased mass in the tube - and the two start to flee in the other direction: five miles and no exits.

G'Kar's shuttle begins to self destruct, and Greegil attempts to seal Sheridan inside...

Issue 10: Coda for Human and Narn in B Flat

Written by David Gerrold
Pencilled by Rebecca Guay; Inked by Rick Bryant
DC Comics, November 1995
Sheridan just makes it aboard his shuttle, where Greegil denies trying to kill him.

The cleaning robot continues to chase Garibaldi and G'Kar, pausing to process one of Garibaldi's boots when he loses it.  Another game of Laser-Mirror-Starweb decides whose boot will be next - G'Kar cheats.  He reveals that he knows an assassin named Greegil D'Farkin is coming to Babylon 5 to kill him and he's trying to avoid him.

Now only in their underwear, Garibaldi and G'Kar find a maintenance hatch in the tube, where they hang from a handrail high above the gardens as the robot passes.  G'Kar reveals that Greegil is pursuing him because he refused to sleep with Greegil's wife to seal a pact between their two clans.  It is a grave insult in Narn custom and Greegil has vowed revenge.

After Garibaldi displays a message on the outside of the axis tube, they find an exit where Sheridan, Greegil and a security team are waiting.  Garibaldi arrests G'Kar for kidnapping him.

The four of them argue about whether Greegil should be allowed to continue with his mission: he has a licence signed by the Narn Council of Clans.  Sheridan declares it invalid aboard Babylon 5.  Greegil tries to shoot them but a mirrored table, where the others hide, reflects the beam.  One of the security staff fires a starweb at Greegil.

G'Kar tells Garibaldi that his sleeping with Greegil's wife would have shifted the balance of power amongst the clans, as well as the fact that "she wasn't attractive enough to justify a war".

Notes: David Gerrold originally submitted this story for the television series.