419: Between the Darkness and the Light

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
6 October 1997

Sheridan has been subjected to reality-altering techniques and appears almost ready to crack.  Garibaldi makes contact with the Mars resistance but only after a deep telepathic scan from Lyta do they believe his story about being conditioned by Bester and the Psi Corps.  He agrees to help infiltrate the security compound to rescue Sheridan.  Ivanova learns from an officer rescued from the Damocles, the latest ship to stand up against the fleet against Earthforce, that some of the officers who have signed on with them are not entirely faithful to their cause - and as a result Earth knows their next attack is going to be at Mars, and several powerful new destroyers are going to be there waiting for them.  Garibaldi, Franklin and Lyta manage to enter the compound and break Sheridan out - where he fires upon the guards several times in anger.  Delenn is suspicious when Londo calls a meeting of the Babylon 5 Council without her - but she discovers that he has convinced the congregated races to send more fleets in support of Sheridan.  Ivanova and Marcus lead the White Star fleet into battle with the new Earthforce ships - and discover that they have been enhanced with organic technology taken from the Shadows.  They barely manage to defeat them but Ivanova is severely injured in the process.  She is dying, and she asks of Sheridan that he commands the Agamemnon in the assault on Mars, with the other races' ships now a part of the growing fleet.

Notes: Ivanova recalls Marcus telling her his feelings for her (in Minbari) in Shadow Dancing.  Her own attempts at learning Minbari were introduced in The Summoning.  EarthGov/Earthforce was discovered experimenting on Shadow technology in Messages From Earth, hence the development of the Shadow-enhanced Earthforce vessels.

Guest Cast: Marjorie Monaghan returns as Number One.  David Purdham reappears as Captain James (The Face of the Enemy).