418: Intersections in Real Time

Directed by
John Lafia

First broadcast week of
16 June 1997

Sheridan's interrogation commences.  His interrogator, William, plays tricks with time and the fluid concept of "truth" to convince him that his reasoning is wrong and can be persuaded to change his perspective if it is convenient to all concerned.  Sheridan, undaunted by threats of poison and beating, refuses to confess to allying himself with alien governments to overthrow Clark.

Sheridan's interrogationA Drazi is brought before him to stage a false confession but Sheridan persuades him not to give in - and he is taken away and electrocuted.  Sheridan is offered one final chance to sign a confession form and admit to his mistakes in public.  William tells him that should it be required, Sheridan's signature can be forged and his image used to read the statement, but he would rather Sheridan remain alive to serve as an "example" to others - and that he be totally convinced of his own mistakes should his mind be read.

Sheridan almost forces himself to sign - but a vision of a pleading Delenn persuades him otherwise.  Ultimately Sheridan is taken away apparently to face the same fate as the Drazi - only to find himself in another interrogation room, with another interrogator, and the same Drazi.

Notes: Sheridan refers to his interrogation by Sebastian in Comes the Inquisitor.  Scenes featuring Garibaldi contacting the Resistance were filmed for this episode, but held over for the next - leaving this episode to focus entirely upon the interrogation.

Guest Cast: Raye Burk (William) appears in the sitcom Caroline in the City.  The Drazi is played by Wayne Alexander, who played Lorien earlier this season amongst various other roles.