In her youth, Lochley was not averse to reckless behaviour: her mother died when she was young, her father was an alcoholic, and she ran away from home to a life of drugs and alcohol herself until one of her best friends died.  After this, she finally enrolled in Earthforce to straighten herself out (Day of the Dead, Wheel of Fire).  As a young officer, she rushed into a marriage with one John Sheridan, which lasted all of three months (Learning Curve, Strange Relations).

Captain Lochley fought on the side of EarthGov during the civil war (Learning Curve) - but despite this, Sheridan felt he could trust her enough to assign her to assume command of Babylon 5 after his ascendency to Presidency and Ivanova's departure (No Compromises).

After the outbreak of the Drakh plague (A Call to Arms), Lochley developed a relationship with Excalibur captain Matthew Gideon (Ruling From the Tomb, The Rules of the Game).

Played by Tracy Scoggins, who appeared in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Highlander.  She had originally auditioned for the role of Dr Trent in the Babylon 5 telemovie Thirdspace before being given the role of Captain Lochley (for which Catherine Oxenberg also auditioned).

Elizabeth Lochley