Telepath rated P5 assigned to Babylon 5 in 2258 (Midnight on the Firing Line), replacing Lyta Alexander, with whom she interned with Psi Corps, and was apparently was very close (Divided Loyalties).  She was also married for a time to a telepath named Matthew Stoner, an arranged marriage by Psi Corps (Soul Mates).  Her former boyfriend, Jason Ironheart, visited her on Babylon 5 with increased telekinetic powers due to a Psi Corps experiment.  He gave her a "gift" of enhanced powers, as well as cause to reconsider Psi Corps' ethics (Mind War).

When Kosh asked her to oversee a "business dealing" she was unaware her responses were being recorded (Deathwalker).   Her faith in Psi Corps was further tested when she was persuaded to help rogue telepaths avoid capture (A Race Through Dark Places).

A brief relationship with Susan Ivanova (Eyes, A Spider in the Web) was cut short when it was discovered she was carrying a "sleeper spy" buried deep in her psyche that, when emerged, wiped out Talia's true personality (the comic Shadows Past and Present, Divided Loyalties).  Bester let slip that she was subsequently "dissected" by Psi Corps (Dust to Dust).

Played by Andrea Thompson, who appears regularly in the TV series NYPD Blue.  In 1995 she married Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi), had a son, Al, and was divorced in 1997.

Talia Winters